SK bioscience, a global innovative vaccine and biotech company based in South Korea, has signed a collaboration agreement on influenza research with the Doherty Institute.

The Doherty Institute is a leading biomedical research institute located in Australia, home to researchers from the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the University of Melbourne, and to one of five WHO Collaborating Centres for Reference and Research Influenza (WHOCCRRI) in the world.

Under this agreement, SK bioscience and the Doherty Institute will work together to support and further research in influenza biology, vaccines, and antivirals. The programme will include testing of anti-influenza compounds to identify new antivirals, capacity building in low- and middle-income
countries of the region and the development of a new influenza vaccine platform.

SK bioscience plans to establish a proactive response system against influenza, advancing influenza vaccine R&D capability to contribute to public health on a global scale.

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