To help customers revitalize global supply chains through reshoring, Ascential Technologies  announced an expansion of its capabilities and domestic manufacturing footprint with the opening of a state-of-the-art, 100,000-square-foot facility in Blaine, Minnesota. The company's highly innovative automation solutions are the driving force that makes reshoring manufacturing from overseas locations a financially viable option for manufacturers in Minnesota and beyond.

The new Ascential Medical & Life Sciences facility employs 150 people and is equipped with world-class machinery, integrating the latest advancements in automation technology to facilitate the production of medical and life sciences products and devices.

"As healthcare demand for advanced medical and life sciences products continues to rise, we recognize the importance of bolstering domestic manufacturing capabilities," said Scott Watts, president of Ascential Medical & Life Sciences. "The opening of our world-class facility reaffirms our commitment to innovation, growth, and community development. We enable businesses to repatriate manufacturing capabilities, leading to the creation of jobs, economic revitalization, and a resurgence of American manufacturing."

The opening of the Blaine facility follows a recent White House designation of Minnesota as a MedTech Hub. Led by the Minneapolis Saint Paul Economic Development Partnership, or Greater MSP, this recognition propels Minnesota onto the global stage as a hub for Smart MedTech. The goal of the MedTechHub is to "create a medical device ecosystem that is even more connected, more strategic, and smarter by incorporating cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science."

"Companies like Ascential Technologies help distinguish our region as a global med-tech hotspot," said Peter Frosch, president and CEO of the Greater MSP Partnership. "Today we celebrate Ascential Technologies' investment in Minnesota and commitment to our region's growth in next-generation medical device technologies."

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