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Recruitment-tech startup PossoBuild has announced the launch of its two flagship tools – PossoBuild SmartHire and PossoBuild SmartPrep – aiming to redefine the traditional job interview process and outcomes, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to bolster human efforts. Powered by cutting-edge natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, PossoBuild’s SmartHire and SmartPrep are being seen as revolutionary platforms, poised to transform the future of talent acquisition, recruitment and job interview preparation across India and the world.

Optimized for both mobile and web-based online usage, PossoBuild SmartHire and SmartPrep have been designed as essential tools for present-day organizations and job-seekers alike. The SmartHire platform augments human capabilities by introducing AI-led automation in a bid to aid organizations to hire talent faster, better, and at scale – in a much more convenient and productive manner, as compared to the entirely manual, cumbersome shortlisting and interviewing processes practiced traditionally. SmartHire does that by enabling organizations to efficiently conduct and evaluate unbiased virtual interviews leveraging AI. Meanwhile, the PossoBuild SmartPrep platform assists students with adaptive and conversational-style mock interviews simulated through AI, in a bid to help them present the best version of themselves in real interviews. Post-interview, comprehensive and detailed feedback is provided to the SmartPrep users, offering them mentor-like insights to refine their approach.

Notably, both these tools offer a first-of-its-kind, intelligent conversational AI interviewing system wherein PossoBuild’s virtual interviewer agent (bot) ‘Sia’ goes beyond a predefined questionnaire, engaging the candidates in dynamic human-like conversations that adapt in real time based on their responses. Hiring the right talent is crucial for organizational success; however, current hiring approaches led by human interviewers are not only time-consuming and resource-intensive, but also incur high costs and are often flawed due to inherent human biases. This is where PossoBuild’s trusted tech-enabled conversational interviewing system comes in, enhancing efficiency and consistency in conducting job interviews, while simultaneously eliminating biases in the hiring process.

Speaking at the launch, Kalyan Jata, Founder & CEO, PossoBuild Technologies, who has over two decades of extensive experience in technology and innovation, and had previously held key positions in esteemed organizations like GE and Microsoft, commented, “We strongly believe that hiring the right talent is crucial for organizational success. Which is why, it gives us immense pleasure to introduce PossoBuild’s groundbreaking flagship tools, SmartHire and SmartPrep. SmartHire, with its ability to conduct AI-simulated human-like interviews and deliver accurate hiring recommendations using AI, shall be a game changer in recruitment. On the other hand, SmartPrep will assist students in acing their job interviews by giving them access to tech-enabled mock interview practice and feedback. Going forward, we will be majorly looking to work with organizations, empowering them to solve their recruitment-related challenges comprehensively, and empowering them to build high-performing teams and drive business growth”.

Uma Nelluri, Co-Founder & CTO, PossoBuild, an IIT-Madras alumna, added, “With PossoBuild SmartHire, you’re getting a human-friendly interview experience enhanced by artificial intelligence technology. The data insights provided by SmartHire enable better decision-making in the hiring process, ensuring candidates are perfectly matched as per project/job requirements. It also provides detailed feedback, thus offering a great candidate experience and enabling organizations to benefit from hiring aptly skilled individuals. Additionally, leveraging the capability of our AI virtual agent to simulate human-like interviews tailored to specific job descriptions, we at PossoBuild have built SmartPrep, a new-age interview-prep platform, which allows candidates to experience lifelike mock video interviews meant to challenge and prepare them optimally for real-world scenarios”.

PossoBuild SmartHire addresses various existing challenges, such as high costs associated with complex and time-consuming interview scheduling logistics as well as ineffective shortlisting of candidates, incorrect selections, inherent hiring biases, and the organizations’ inability to scale the number of interviews in response to the volume of applications. The tool comes with an array of benefits, including not just the capability to conduct AI-enabled, on-demand video interviews at scale, but also efficient shortlisting of best-fit candidates for a specific job role based on a detailed analysis, insightful evaluations post-interview (including evaluation of technical capabilities like coding skills, etc.), and ensures unbiased and ethical hiring to propel diversity across organizations.

PossoBuild has beta-tested its flagship tool SmartHire with multiple organizations across India, the US, and other countries, and thereafter received encouraging feedback and demonstrated promising results. Most of their customers are already benefiting, and Canada-based Evenica is one such company. “In the fast-paced landscape of e-commerce solutions, finding and securing top-tier talent quickly is crucial. To that end, PossoBuild SmartHire has completely transformed the way we approach our recruitment, aligning perfectly with our commitment to excellence and innovation. SmartHire’s video interview platform has enabled us to conduct scalable interviews efficiently, allowing us to meet the dynamic demands of our industry without compromising on the quality of our hires. With SmartHire, we have not only optimized our interviewing and recruitment process, but have also significantly enhanced our hiring speed, and improved our overall candidate quality,” said Sadek Ali, CEO, Evenica.

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