Sapio Sciences, the science-aware™ lab informatics platform, today announced that it has beta-launched breakthrough scientific features by integrating large language models (LLM) into its unified informatics platform. The AI-enabled chat interface within the Sapio platform enables scientists to use simple natural language phrases to "ask" their electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) to conduct various tasks.

"Most legacy ELNs have a steep learning curve, and our customers have been vocal about how frustrating it can be to set up experiments and find data using these systems," said Kevin Cramer, founder and CEO of Sapio Sciences. "Sapio’s goal is to help clients accelerate their drug pipeline, and one powerful way we are doing this is by simplifying complex tasks. The interface of the future is natural language, and we’re excited to offer an AI assistant in Sapio EL that allows scientists to accelerate experiments."

The Sapio platform has always included simple, natural language rules that enable scientists and administrators to configure and customize the system without extensive coding or additional programming. The new Sapio AI capabilities build on Sapio’s commitment to providing a no-code platform that helps accelerate our clients’ drug pipeline and simplifies science. Sapio is also using AI to enable built-in support for 50 languages.

Sapio AI is a chat-like interface that simplifies complex tasks such as designing and deploying complex plates and experiments and documenting, analyzing and reporting results. Scientists can type natural language questions and receive responses about how to use the ELN or ask the platform to find data, set up experiments, or write Python scripts. For instance, with the new "Prompt to Experiment" feature, scientists can describe certain aspects of experiments they want to conduct, and the ELN will automatically create the experiment, including complex plates, from which a reusable template can easily be made. The AI assistant can also help scientists track what materials and instruments will be used in experiments.

The AI assistant also includes a "Prompt to Find Data" feature that scientists can use to easily query scientific data with intuitive phrases such as "Find all my experiments from the last month" or "Find all the DNA samples I created this year." Administrators can also use the AI assistant to develop or modify Python code to customize the platform. Finally, the AI assistant can answer basic questions about how to use the Sapio ELN.

"Sapio was founded by machine learning experts, and we are excited to leverage these powerful new tools and our skills to ease adoption of the Sapio ELN and make scientists’ jobs easier and more productive," said Cramer. "We continue to see new ways we can utilize these tools and are committed to leading in the ELN space to accelerate the important science our customers do daily."

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