In a demonstration of its ongoing commitment to address social determinants of health, such as employment and economic stability, CVS Health® announced the opening of its newest Workforce Innovation and Talent Center (WITC) in collaboration with Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit. The innovation hub, which features a mock retail store, pharmacy, and other professional education programs, is designed to provide Detroiters access to opportunity and inclusive pathways to meaningful careers, including comprehensive skills training, job placement and community health services. The new CVS Health WITC is now available for use by the Detroit Metro community, with enrollment open for programs beginning July 2023.

"We recognize each person's value and help individuals unlock their full potential through our collaborative approach to workforce development," said Ernie Dupont, Executive Director of Workforce Initiatives, CVS Health. "Providing comprehensive workforce development and job placement opportunities, especially to pools of talent who are often overlooked or face barriers to employment, has the power to transform lives. To be most effective and build healthier communities, we need to work closely with leading community organizations, like Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit."

The new WITC is housed within the headquarters of Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit at 311 Grand River Road and is tailored to the specific needs of the community.

Programs are specifically designed for individuals facing barriers to opportunity —including people with disabilities, mature workers, youth, and veterans— who may not only need jobs, but also additional support to help ensure long-term success. Through the CVS Health Second Chance Program, the WITC will also provide training to returning citizens, which works with justice-involved individuals and prepares them for gainful employment with greater success.

"Goodwill of Greater Detroit is proud to partner with CVS Health to launch this innovative training program for area residents," said Dan Varner, President and CEO, Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit. "This new WITC, one of only a handful in the country, is more evidence of our shared commitment to giving people a 'hand up' to achieve their aspirations. It builds a new pathway to meaningful work — one of many we will launch over the next 18 months — and we welcome all who want to take advantage of it."

In addition to the new WITC, CVS Health has made several recent commitments to address social determinants of health across Michigan. Earlier this year, the company invested more than $11MM to build a 53-unit multifamily affordable housing community in Detroit's historic Brush Park neighborhood. In addition, the company's Aetna® business also recently awarded $250,000 in grants to 10 community partners across the state, including Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit. The grants support organizations that work to meet health and social care needs, such as those related to physical and mental health, food security, workforce training and housing stability.

For nearly two decades, the company's Workforce Initiatives program has helped thousands of people in historically underserved communities overcome barriers to employment and access meaningful career opportunities. Workforce Initiatives partners with community organizations, state and federal agencies, schools, universities and faith-based groups to offer a variety of programs that promote successful employment transitions, career development and advancement for people with diverse backgrounds.



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