Vivian Health Hits One Million Healthcare Workers Served

Vivian Health Hits One Million Healthcare Workers Served

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Vivian Health, the leading jobs marketplace that serves healthcare professionals first, announced today that it reached a new milestone: more than one million clinicians now use its leading platform to discover and connect with new and improved employment opportunities. This notable milestone comes after yet another year of rapid growth for Vivian, which saw increased demand from clinicians and over a 100% increase in revenue in 2022.

“This milestone is a testament to the strength of Vivian Health’s mission—to help America’s healthcare professionals find jobs they love—and the dedication of our team as we continue to transform the recruitment and career management experience across all of healthcare,” said Parth Bhakta, CEO and co-founder of Vivian Health. “We are committed to supporting those who serve others, the workers who have sacrificed so much over the past three years. As Vivian continues to grow, our goals are unchanged: we want to empower every healthcare professional to find their perfect job, faster and easier than ever before.”

Vivian continues to transform how America’s healthcare professionals find work through technology that efficiently pairs healthcare employers with nurses, therapists, allied health professionals and a number of other clinicians and caregivers, providing transparency around pay and benefits, unbiased employer reviews, intelligent job matching, and a one-click apply experience powered by our Universal Profile. These tools allow nurses and a growing set of healthcare professionals to find the best opportunities that match their experience and career interests. Vivian’s growing internal staff of healthcare professionals and experts in areas like UX research, clinician advocacy, and customer success continue to ensure that healthcare workers continuously influence the development of the platform and the direction of the business.

“Vivian always keeps me updated and really helped me find a job without having a hard time,” said Alnalee Fernandez, a Post-Anaesthetic Care RN from Maryland.

For employers, Vivian Health’s marketplace allows hospitals and staffing agencies to hire the most relevant and qualified candidate for a specific role as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. Features like real-time messaging, recruiter templates, and AI-based matching all allow employers to cut down on unnecessary and time-consuming back-and-forth that is all too common in the healthcare recruiting industry.

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