The Rounds refreshes user experience to drive pharmaceutical brand interactions

The Rounds refreshes user experience to drive pharmaceutical brand interactions

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The Rounds, Canada’s leading collaboration network for physicians and healthcare professionals (HCPs), made global design changes to its free online network that will impact how pharmaceutical manufacturers reach their target audience.

Physicians and healthcare professionals join The Rounds to collaborate and discuss various medical topics in specialized groups known as “Communities.” The new user experience improvements will make it easier for members to discover and interact with relevant products related to their medical specialty.

“We have removed the need to search for product information from multiple online sources with brand placements in our network,” shares Tim Rice, CEO of The Rounds. “When our physician members are on the network, they will have access to relevant medical therapies related to their area of practice.”

“In building the new experience we wanted to focus on increasing the audience size and content engagement for our industry partners,” added Brice Walsh, Chief Product Officer of The Rounds. “With our new Communities experience, we’ve made it easier for our members to explore sponsored events and Communities without having to use the search feature.”

The Rounds provides a free platform for all healthcare professionals by generating revenue from the life sciences industry which strives to reach medical decision-makers with relevant product information. Since its creation in 2012, The Rounds has positioned itself as a Canadian market leader and forged industry relationships with national governing bodies including the Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board (PAAB) and Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC).

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