TaCa Healthcare to hire more than 400 healthcare professionals in India

TaCa Healthcare to hire more than 400 healthcare professionals in India

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TaCa Healthcare, a health-tech start-up which is working to provide world-class surgery care at affordable rates to people across the country, has chalked out plans to hire more than 400 professionals in the next six months.

With a large network of hospitals and working with specialist doctors and healthcare partners in different cities, TaCa Healthcare implements proven innovations and best practices to deliver better surgical outcomes, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery for patients.

“At TaCa Healthcare, our mission is to revolutionise secondary surgery care in the country by making it affordable and easily accessible to the masses near their homes. We are already present in over 30 cities across the country and are providing safe and affordable surgery care to thousands of patients. We will be hiring 400-500 people in the next six months as we accelerate our plans to strengthen our operations in the existing and expand it to many more cities and states in the coming months,” said Mr. Bidhan Chowdhury, Co-founder, TaCa Healthcare.

“Going by the vast unmet need for high-quality affordable surgical care across the country, and our unique and proven model which enable us to scale up rapidly, we believe this is just the beginning for us,” said Mr Chowdhury, a serial entrepreneur known for his cost-effective healthcare solutions in South East Asia, the UAE, and the Middle East.

TaCa Healthcare’s, which is fast emerging as one of Asia’s best ethical and sustainable health tech start-ups, plans to recruit are in sharp contrast to bigger and better-known start-ups across sectors that are laying off employees. According to estimates, more than 12,000 start-up employees have been handed the pink slips in the past few months, and the number is estimated to cross 60,000 this year alone.

TaCa Healthcare offers short-stay elective surgeries such as gall bladder stone removal surgery, hernia repair/ removal surgery, appendix removal surgery, and surgery for piles, fissures, and fistula, among others, and is focused on ensuring equitable access to high-quality healthcare services. It now has a presence in seven states – Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Haryana, and is fast becoming the surgical care provider of choice for affordable high-quality surgical care to the underserved middle and lower-income households across India.

In June, TaCa Healthcare partnered with Medicover Hospitals, a multinational hospital chain with a presence in 11 countries in Europe and India.

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