SK Life Science CEO, Donghoon Lee, Shares His Vision for the Company and recognizes the team for their achievements

SK Life Science CEO, Donghoon Lee, Shares His Vision for the Company and recognizes the team for their achievements

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Donghoon Lee, CEO of SK Life Science, Inc., a subsidiary of SK Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., an innovative global pharmaceutical company focused on developing treatments for central nervous system (CNS) disorders and beyond, recognized the team for their achievements, thanked them for their commitment to the epilepsy community, and shared his vision for SK Life Science, Inc. and its anti-seizure medication.

“In 2023, SK Life Science in the U.S. is celebrating its thirty-year anniversary knowing that we are part of something bigger,” said Donghoon Lee explaining how the companies he leads, SK Life Science and SK Biopharmaceuticals, are part of SK Group, Inc., a large conglomerate with a global footprint. “SK Group is the second largest conglomerate in Korea with more than 120 operating companies that have a combined revenue of $135 billion and assets valued at $232 billion. Over the next five years, SK Group is investing in the U.S. to support the transformational work being done in the U.S. market. That includes significant investments in SK Life Science and its pipeline in central nervous systems and oncology.”

Since assuming his role as CEO in January 2023, Mr. Lee has been collaborating with his leadership teams on a full transformation of SK Life Science and SK Biopharmaceuticals and making strides towards achieving both companies’ shared purpose: connecting health and happiness. Under Lee’s leadership, SK Life Science is poised to lay a stronger foundation for innovation, reinvestment in R&D, and expansion into next-generation pipelines while continuing a meaningful and positive impact on the epilepsy community.

During his visit to San Diego, Lee celebrated the impressive work already done by SK Life Science, which includes being the first and only Korean company to independently develop, obtain approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and commercialize a prescription medicine in the U.S. with a standalone business model. “We are energized by everything SK Life Science has been able to achieve since the company was founded thirty years ago, but we are even more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to deliver results to the patient communities we serve,” concluded Lee.

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