Siemens Earns the Frost & Sullivan 2022 Company of the Year Award

Siemens Earns the Frost & Sullivan 2022 Company of the Year Award

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Based on its recent analysis of the workforce engagement and intelligent automation industry, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Siemens with the 2022 Company of the Year Award for its innovative and leading approach in the data center industry. By tracking, analyzing, and understanding market mega trends, Siemens capitalizes on market opportunities and keeps innovating to influence future developments in the data center industry.

This forward-thinking spirit has led Siemens to position itself as one of the most technologically innovative companies in the sector, and its products are a step ahead in the industry’s technology. For example, Siemens’s Integrated Data Centre Management Suite (IDCMS) provides a highly comprehensive approach to data center infrastructure management that decreases human error and prevents unplanned downtime in data centers.

“The foundational element of the company’s innovation strategy is creating value through addressing unmet and underserved market needs. This has served as a catalyst for the company’s excellence in the data center industry where its products and solutions offer high levels of uptime, efficiency, scalability, and cost savings,” said Gautham Gnanajothi, global vice president of research at Frost & Sullivan. “By deploying Siemens products, data centers across the world have gained a competitive advantage in all aspects of electrification and automation. The company has time and again proven its mettle by raising the bar higher every time and developing products and solutions that address customer pain points and frustrations.”

Siemens’s excellence is also founded on its core philosophy of empowering its customers with absolute control over the data center’s management. For this reason, the company relies on futuristic technologies to pinpoint the specific needs of data centers with highly innovative products that optimize airflow patterns.

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