RethinkCare Expands Neurodiversity Resources to Foster More Inclusive Workplace Cultures

RethinkCare Expands Neurodiversity Resources to Foster More Inclusive Workplace Cultures

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RethinkCare, the leading global behavioral and mental health platform for employers from RethinkFirst, today released new and updated neurodiversity resources to help companies better attract and retain neurodiverse talent. Tailored training for neurodivergent and neurotypical employees, managers, human resources leaders, and executives reduces stigma through education and provides effective strategies to build a more productive and inclusive workplace culture—addressing an overlooked but crucial area of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“Companies that are looking to strengthen their culture and tap into new talent pools will greatly benefit from our neurodiversity training and resources,” said Daniel Etra, RethinkFirst CEO. “Nearly 70% of workers are not engaged—despite increased investments in the employee experience—but companies that embrace neurodiversity can more quickly foster inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and can perform at their best.”

RethinkCare offers engaging courses on workplace neurodiversity topics, including understanding neurodiversity, interviewing effectively, resolving conflict, overcoming hiring barriers, and supporting neurodiverse peers. The company also offers new high-touch consultations with employees, managers, DEI/HR/ERG leaders, and others to address their unique needs in building more inclusive and productive workplaces.

An estimated one in five people are neurodiverse, which includes conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and dyslexia. Neurodiverse adults are unemployed at rates of at least 30-40%, for reasons including:

Hiring managers are rarely trained to effectively interview neurodiverse candidates
Managers often do not understand how to support neurodivergent talent
Traditional performance reviews fail to account for neurodiversity
Neurodiverse individuals possess unique strengths and can help companies optimize their performance with their contributions. Nearly 40% of HR leaders are challenged with finding talent skilled in problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and creativity, all of which are strengths for neurodiverse individuals. Further, neurodiverse employees are 90-140% more productive than their neurotypical peers when given the right support.

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