Purolite to expand bioprocessing solutions, plans to increase its workforce

Purolite to expand bioprocessing solutions, plans to increase its workforce

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Purolite, an Ecolab company’s increased bioprocessing resin production to meet the growing demand for biopharmaceutical products globally. The manufacturing expansion will triple the production capacity of the company’s innovative resins following increased investment in its facilities and workforce.

The newly opened Customer Experience Centre features hands-on interactive and educational displays, which showcase Purolite’s expanded bioprocessing solutions. The innovative new facility is designed to connect Purolite’s applications experts with customers to help solve their most pressing challenges. Included in the expansion is increased office space, training areas and conference room facilities. This is the latest phase of a multi-million-dollar global investment in Purolite sites by Ecolab.

Purolite’s King of Prussia facility is currently gearing up for agarose resin production, which will position Purolite as the first resin supplier with dual-continent production capabilities, providing leading security of supply to biopharmaceutical customers and CMOs globally.

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