ProBioGen Receives Employer of the Future and Top Service Awards

ProBioGen Receives Employer of the Future and Top Service Awards

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The Berlin-based biopharmaceutical company ProBioGen received the Employer of the Future and the Top Service awards at the DIGITAL X 2022 event in Cologne. Former German Minister for Economics, Brigitte Zypries, presented the awards in person to ProBioGen CEO Dr. Lutz Hilbrich on behalf of the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization (DIND – Deutsches Innovationsinstitut für Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung) and German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ – Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität).

Thousands of companies, including small, medium and large enterprises, entered the business study, which was produced in cooperation with the DIND and the DISQ and was based on a three-stage testing process. They praised ProBioGen’s customer-oriented approach: “The excellent combination of the services and technology you offer, as well as their customized implementation, make you particularly strong and unique in the pharmaceutical
CDMO market.”

They also noted ProBioGen’s digitalization investments and strategy, as well as its support for its employees. “ProBioGen helps its staff to grow to their furthest potential. We strive for establishing an extended ‘work-life harmony’ and invest in training and development initiatives. We thus actively put the human and togetherness at the center of efforts. Together, this makes ProBioGen a great place to work,” said Claudia Volkmer, People & Organizational Development Director at ProBioGen.

ProBioGen was also recognized for its comprehensive service culture and focus on its customers. DIND and DISQ highlighted its transparent and open communication as being a key factor to successful customer relationships. “Providing our customers with the best individual service is more than our philosophy. It’s the way we approach our everyday work,” said Dr. Gabriele Schneider, ProBioGen’s Chief Business Officer. “We pride ourselves on being that close to our customers and giving them tailored solutions to their needs.”


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