PMDojo Launches the First Product Accelerator Program That Advocates for Neurodiverse Talent to Bridge the Diversity and Hiring Gap in Tech

PMDojo Launches the First Product Accelerator Program That Advocates for Neurodiverse Talent to Bridge the Diversity and Hiring Gap in Tech

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PMDojo, the remote-first global learning community connecting product enthusiasts to real-world career opportunities, announces changes to its flagship program to welcome, support, and advocate for individuals with various cognitive abilities. By broadening the conversation on diversity and inclusion in tech and tapping into the previously overlooked demographic of neurodivergent individuals (those with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, Tourette’s syndrome, and other learning and mental health differences), PMDojo is bringing more qualified candidates into tech’s talent pipeline. This comes at a particularly difficult time for technology hiring, as the great resignation is coupled with the realization that the last decade of DEI efforts has largely failed to retain diverse talent at the higher levels. These hiring challenges are especially pronounced in product roles, as the high barrier to entry and prerequisite of real-world experience make these high-paying positions less accessible.

Unlike other programs that focus on larger group dynamics over individualized learning styles, PMDojo’s program pillars have built-in safe and supportive environments to accommodate those with different learning abilities and social skills, while equipping everyone in the program with tools to work effectively with neurodiverse individuals. For example, the program offers product talent the flexibility to turn off their camera during sessions and be matched with mentors/teammates with higher EQs so they feel more understood while providing networking opportunities that reduce social anxiety and sensory overload. In addition, PMDojo members are invited to participate in small-group conversations around sensitive topics such as diversity, mental health, and bias in tech, while sharing their personal experiences without the risk of being judged by others.

As a result of this more inclusive approach, over 90% of PMDojo graduates have successfully transitioned into product roles without previous experience, and 98% feel more confident about navigating their careers. To date, PMDojo has contributed hundreds of diverse candidates to give companies access to a more diverse pipeline to make tech truly accessible to all.

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