PharmaEssentia to unveils new R&D facility, Plans to recruit 25 scientists

PharmaEssentia to unveils new R&D facility, Plans to recruit 25 scientists

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PharmaEssentia Corporation a global biopharmaceutical innovator headquartered in Taiwan leveraging deep expertise and proven scientific principles to deliver new biologics in hematology and oncology, announced plans for a new PharmaEssentia Innovation Research Center (PIRC) in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. The facility is expected to recruit 25 scientists over the next two years.

PIRC will be equipped with a state-of-the-art lab featuring cutting-edge technology to support the identification and development of therapeutic opportunities. This new facility will be led by Lih-Ling Lin, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, PharmaEssentia, who will leverage her robust industry experience and scientific proficiency to accelerate priority development programs.

PharmaEssentia aims to expand its current expertise in related therapeutic areas and identify novel approaches in early to mid-stage discovery and development. At PIRC, data scientists will leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to inform new target and indication selections. The company is also recruiting for talented scientists who have deep knowledge in immunology and interest in developing novel drugs employing disease-driving biology, novel technology in protein engineering, antibody discovery and new modality development.

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