NAAHP launches of a scholarship program for high-quality academic resources for healthcare advisors

NAAHP launches of a scholarship program for high-quality academic resources for healthcare advisors

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The National Association of Advisors for Health Professionals (NAAHP), a membership association serving health professions advisors at colleges and universities across the United States, announced the launch of a scholarship program that will expand access to high-quality academic resources for thousands of healthcare advisors. With generous support from Liaison International, the scholarships will underwrite the cost of membership for up to 50 academic advisors serving students in healthcare fields at community colleges, minority serving institutions, and other healthcare centers focused on underrepresented populations.

“The quality of patient care and the strength of our healthcare workforce are two sides of the same coin. In 2022 alone, 1.7 million people have quit their healthcare jobs, and employers continue to grapple with the effects of staffing shortages and talent gaps,” said Tony Wynne, executive director at NAAHP. “It’s imperative that we provide the sort of personalized support and high-quality advising resources for every student pursuing or considering a career in healthcare.”

Through membership in NAAHP, advisors gain access to educational and professional development resources, events, training, and industry connections to support their students better. The scholarship funded with support from Liaison will benefit thousands of healthcare students at community colleges and minority serving institutions (MSIs), offering higher-quality advising and support as they navigate pathways to careers in healthcare.

“Strengthening the healthcare workforce of tomorrow starts with supporting the health professions students of today,” said George Haddad, founder and CEO of Liaison International. “This unique scholarship program is reflective of our commitment to serving healthcare professions—and providing aspiring healthcare professionals with the support and tools they need to succeed and thrive.”

The scholarship program builds on years of successful collaboration between NAAHP and Liaison International, a higher education technology firm that has helped millions of students apply to academic programs at more than 1,000 colleges and universities over the last 30 years. The firm administers centralized application services for more than 30 health-focused associations and also manages, a career exploration platform which provides information on education and career pathways in healthcare for prospective students..

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