Mykare Health to expands services to North East and Bangladesh, increasing the employee headcount by 25%.

Mykare Health to expands services to North East and Bangladesh, increasing the employee headcount by 25%.

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Mykare Health, a tech-enabled full-stack healthcare company is expanding its operations in India while increasing the employee headcount by 25%. The startup plans to hire across the healthcare sector at every level, to fuel its expansion in pan indian cities. Additionally, Mykare Health has recently opened offices in Kolkata, Siliguri, Tripura, and Dhaka,Bangladesh to extend its reach into North East India and Bangladesh.

Mykare Health was founded  in 2020 during the Covid time to provide patients of domestic and cross border regions with affordable, trusted and standardized elective surgical and wellness care. The firm ensures maximum deployment of small and medium hospital facilities by providing domestic and cross border patients with standardized, affordable and trusted surgical and preventive care. Over 20000+ patients from across the nation and the world have already received care from Mykare Health.

As many as 495,056 people visited India for medical treatment in 2017, says government data. The Government data for 2020 shows that Bangladesh accounted for nearly 55 per cent of all foreigners coming to India for medical purposes. It was followed by people from Iraq, Maldives, Afghanistan and Oman. Globally, the medical tourism market is booming. According to a report by research firm Global Market Insights, the size of the market globally was over $10 billion in 2020.Government of India is now focussing more on medical tourism,a segment that is valued at $60-80 billion globally.This figure is based on an estimate of about 14 million medical travelers who cross the borders every year , according to a strategy paper submitted by India;s tourism ministry this January.

Mykare Health is gearing up to help small and medium hospitals to get a pie of the cross border patient market share too, which right now is being enjoyed only by 10% premium hospitals in India.While the Govt is trying to push this 80Bn market , 80% of India’s healthcare facilities are in small and medium hospitals which lacks visibility and was never getting a pie of this market of cross border patients.We are expanding our services to ensure medical care at an affordable pricing (40% lesser cost), No differential pricing (india or international) , smooth end to end processing, trusted facility  with quality accreditation, highly experienced doctors and making small and medium medical facilities easily accessible to these cross border patients too.  We at Mykare will ensure an easy and smooth treatment process from end to end for its patients by partnering with small and medium medical facilities, thus enabling these facilities to be visible and enjoy a significant pie of the booming medical travel industry”.says Senu Sam , Founder , Mykare Health.

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