Medisca’s new facility generates 100 new jobs in Plattsburgh

Medisca’s new facility generates 100 new jobs in Plattsburgh

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Medisca, a global company offering pharmaceutical compounding products and services, mixing technology, manufacturing, education services and more, announces plans to lease a standalone 60,000 square foot building to consolidate repackaging and distribution operations in Plattsburgh, NY under one roof.

The new facility will feature state-of-the-art technology and processes designed to meet rigorous quality standards, while serving the ever-increasing capacity needs of customers as personalized medicine continues to accelerate in response to patient needs.

New Facility Leased to Streamline Operations with a Focus on Employee Wellness

The planned facility is the result of several years of preparation and refinement and will include a significant investment. Five different sites will be consolidated into the new, modern location that will generate a positive impact on operational flow and employee well-being.

“We are building this new facility to address both current and future needs as Medisca continues to grow and strategically expand our business around the globe,” said Antonio Dos Santos, Medisca Founder and President. “By consolidating our existing space into one single site, we will more than double our capacity to serve our customers. The new facility will offer best-in-class automated workflows and layouts for maximum efficiency and employee wellness, which is at the core of our corporate values. We expect our new facility to be an attractive place to work and we are happy to remain a key employer of choice in the Plattsburgh region.”

The new site is expected to employ 100 people by the time it opens in July 2023. Carefully designed with a logical layout and equipped with machinery to facilitate efforts, the new facility will ensure employee safety and optimize output while adhering to the most stringent global standards for quality, including FDA cGMP.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the continued investment by Medisca in the greater Plattsburgh community,” said industrial developer TDC NNY President and CEO David Champagne. “They will be an excellent addition to Banker Road Industrial Park.”

Medisca also operates out of a repackaging and distribution facility in Dallas, Texas that is also in the midst of renovation and optimization as part of a strategic plan to better service customers.

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