Marpai Chronic Condition Management: AI-Powered Clinical Care Solutions for Employer Health Plans

Marpai Chronic Condition Management: AI-Powered Clinical Care Solutions for Employer Health Plans

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Marpai, AI-technology company transforming self-funded employer health plans, introduces Marpai Chronic Condition Management to improve the care journey of members with chronic conditions like heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, kidney disease and mental health. This is the latest addition to Marpai’s Clinical Services Ecosystem – proven, clinical care solutions, backed by outcome and quality data, delivering specialized strategies and support to manage costly conditions. Leveraging the most advanced artificial intelligence, Marpai’s proprietary clinical matchmaking platform identifies at-risk health plan members where a clinical intervention can make a meaningful difference and connects them to an appropriate solution in the Clinical Services Ecosystem. By addressing costly conditions early and appropriately, Marpai aims to create healthier lives and reduce health plan costs for employers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2018 51.8% (129 million) of U.S. adults have been diagnosed with at least 1 of 10 selected chronic conditions: 24.6% (61 million) with one chronic condition and 27.2% (68 million) with two or more chronic conditions. It is estimated that 86% of healthcare costs are attributable to chronic disease which makes it a formidable challenge for employer health plans, especially self-funded health plans.

“Chronic conditions are highly prevalent across our member populations and are extremely costly. We are delighted to introduce this service to address these issues. Our team of medical experts use evidence-based tools to help members take the best care journey. Their efforts have proven to reduce ER visits, hospital stays and medication costs which significantly helps reduce plan costs for employers,” says Marpai’s Chief Executive Officer, Edmundo Gonzalez.

Marpai Chronic Condition Management brings a team of nurses, coaches and practitioners to help members move away from unnecessary ER visits to primary care, lessen the number of in-patient hospital days, manage post-discharge care and access affordable medications. The team integrates with Marpai’s Pharmacy Advocates to help members save money on costly specialty medications. Marpai Chronic Condition Management is available to current health plan members upon plan renewal and all new members. Marpai proactively reaches out to at-risk members to enroll them in the program, and members can self-refer to the program and enroll if they meet eligibility requirements.


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