Marketing & Engineering skills most in demand for healthcare industry

Marketing & Engineering skills most in demand for healthcare industry

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According to a recent report released by Catenon India, which is a global executive search company specialising in talent intelligence and recruitment, the most in-demand skills in healthcare include Marketing (33%) and Engineering (30%), followed by Blue Collar, IT, HR and sales, as of December 2022.

The report has also revealed that Bengaluru has the highest hiring percentage i.e. 52% in the healthcare sector, followed by New Delhi at 39%, and Mumbai at 31%, with Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad up close.

Further, the report states that some of the key hard skills required by the healthcare industry are Data entry, pharmacy, record management, business administration, Health Insurance Portability Act knowledge and CPR + First Aid.

In addition, the healthcare industry provides multiple employee benefits such as Life insurance, Soft skills training, Job training, Disability insurance, Paid holiday, Health insurance, to name a few.

While increase in ageing population will lead to the healthcare industry growth in the coming years, it is the rise of telemedicine that will lead to healthcare market expansion with maximum hiring in the healthcare sector taking place at Tier 1 cities currently.

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