LIMSABC launches a new consultant referral program

LIMSABC launches a new consultant referral program

by admin November 02, 2022 November 02, 2022 No comments

LIMSABC, a leader in laboratory information management systems (LIMS/LIS), has launched a new consultant referral program.

LIMSABC’s new consultant referral program allows consultants and LIMSABC to work in mutual synergy. Consultants will have the opportunity to bring on client-based accounts at a discounted rate and receive a referral bonus based on their clients’ monthly subscription fees. Gabriel Balint, The CEO of LIMSABC, said, “By partnering with consultants, we can create stronger client relationships and also allow for better opportunities for our consultants to have steady vendor relationships.” LIMSABC’s new consultant referral program offers numerous benefits on the client and consultant side.

LIMSABC offers a variety of services that creates better access for providers and patients to get their results and also maintain a faster turnaround time without losing quality. Additionally, they have several other areas of expertise that include billing modules, patient and physician portal access and custom workflow processes based on lab specialty.

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