Innoforce’s new GMP Manufacturing Facility to employ over 300 people

Innoforce’s new GMP Manufacturing Facility to employ over 300 people

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Innoforce, a global provider of end-to-end contract development and manufacturing services (CDMO), announced that it commenced GMP manufacturing at its new site in Hangzhou, China. The new facility is built to offer process development & manufacturing services for the global supply of RNA, plasmid DNA, viral vectors, and cell therapeutics through research, clinical and commercial stages. It will also serve as the corporate headquarters for the company.

The company is investing a total of more than $200 million in its 550,000 square-foot advanced therapies manufacturing base with a full suite of technology platforms. The GMP manufacturing space is designed with separate areas for plasmids production with three 30-liter bioreactors, viral vectors production using 200- and 500-liter bioreactors, and cell therapies in up to 8 suites using leading automated production platforms. RNA capabilities include industry-standard in-vitro transcription processing and optimized lipid-nanoparticle (LNP) formulation. In addition, process development & analytics labs, fill-finish lines, and modern warehousing position the site to meet the diverse needs of clients bringing advanced therapies to market.

Innoforce’s RNA, cell & gene therapy site is strategically established within the company’s Bioinnovation Campus at the heart of a rapidly growing biotech innovation corridor in China and is advantageously located near a major international transportation hub and leading universities. The campus is expected to attract other biotherapeutic enterprises, including a biologic drugs manufacturing operation that Innoforce established with a leading international life sciences supplier. In addition, Innoforce will establish its global headquarters and expects to employ over 300 people on-site by the end of 2023.

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