Healthcare Sector to rank last for employee satisfaction with pay -Report

Healthcare Sector to rank last for employee satisfaction with pay -Report

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Healthcare ranked last for employee satisfaction with pay compared to 27 other industries studied, according to the 2023 Healthcare Experience Trends Report from Qualtrics.

The report also found that healthcare employees had lower scores than other industry employees across the core pillars of employee experience – engagement, intent-to-stay and employee experience vs. their expectation. Women reported lower scores than men across the domains. Furthermore, just about half (52%) of healthcare employees believe they are paid fairly for the work they do – the lowest score of any industry studied, and only 38% of healthcare employees feel their pay is clearly linked to their performance.

Brought on by burnout and attrition in the wake of the pandemic, the healthcare industry faces severe staffing challenges. The percentage of healthcare employees who said they intend to stay in their job fell four percentage points in 2022 compared to a year earlier, to 61%, which is three percentage points less than the global cross-industry average. A third (33%) of healthcare employees report their experiences meet expectations, steady year over year but down six percentage points from the global cross-industry average. Despite these numbers, two-thirds (66%) of healthcare employees report being engaged, an improvement of two percentage points year over year and about the same as the global cross-industry average.

To produce the 2023 Healthcare Experience Trends Report, Qualtrics surveyed nearly 3,000 healthcare employees across 27 countries about their experiences. Qualtrics also surveyed nearly 9,000 consumers across 29 countries about their hospital experiences and over 7,000 consumers across 28 countries about their health insurance experiences. The research provides insights, opportunities and recommendations to help inform healthcare leaders on key areas of focus to ensure patients and employees alike feel heard, valued and appreciated.

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