DiMe launches its first individual course “Applied Digital Health Ethics”

DiMe launches its first individual course “Applied Digital Health Ethics”

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Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) launched its first individual course offering, “Applied Digital Health Ethics”, a topic that is foundational to the industry. Digital health is expected to be a $549 billion dollar industry by the year 2030 and comprises individuals from fields ranging from medical, technology, cyber, research, patients, and caregivers.

The course is part of the new Digital Medicine Academy, which DiMe launched in August 2022 to unite digital health education and training under one umbrella. Applied Digital Health Ethics will address the fact that, to date, there is no universal language, policies, or understanding of the role of ethics in digital medicine. As the field embraces the digitization of healthcare to improve lives, novel ethical challenges are emerging and collectively, industry leaders have the opportunity to set the moral and ethical standards for what it means to care for people in the digital era of healthcare.

The course is based on the concept that ethical digital medicine is the intentional digitization of healthcare for the betterment of all individuals and systems while avoiding willful ignorance of harms.

“Everyone working in our field – from citizen scientists and cybersecurity experts, to data scientists and clinical scientists, alongside our payer and policy colleagues – will be faced with new, ethical challenges, and their decisions will determine whether and how digital medicine solutions are equitable solutions, said Jennifer Goldsack DiMe CEO. “Getting the industry aligned and trained correctly today is critical as digital medicine grows.”

As the professional home for the digital medicine industry, DiMe is uniquely and effectively positioned to lead this effort. Since its inception, ethics has been core to DiMe’s work and is positioned as the first of the four key focus areas of the organization’s mission: to advance the ethical, effective, equitable, and safe use of digital medicine to redefine healthcare and improve lives. Its community is comprised of diverse experts spanning the digital medicine field and, therefore, ensures the lens through which DiMe develops these courses is practical for all digital medicine professionals.

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