CitiusTech to create 2000 new jobs in the coming year

CitiusTech to create 2000 new jobs in the coming year

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CitiusTech, a leading provider of consulting and digital technology to healthcare and life sciences companies is planning to increase its headcount by 2000 in the coming year from its current strength of 7000.
Speaking to BioSpectrum Ravinder Singh, vice president, healthcare consulting, CitiusTech said “As a strategic partner to the world’s leading payer, provider, medtech and life sciences companies, CitiusTech has doubled its strength during the pandemic times from 3500 to 7000+.”
A $350 million company with offices in the USA, India, Singapore, Canada and the UK, CitiusTech works with more than 130 healthcare and life sciences organizations to drive digital transformation through healthcare-focused solutions, platforms and consulting services.
Featured at 7 in the Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2022 and ranked as the 2 pure-play healthcare IT and software company, CitiusTech was recognized for its cutting-edge technology expertise, deep healthcare domain expertise, and a strong focus on digital transformation that is enabling healthcare organizations to deliver better outcomes, accelerate growth, drive efficiencies, and make a meaningful impact to patients, caregivers and consumers.
With the global healthcare industry seeing a large scale shift towards digital transformation, CitiusTech has been experiencing significant growth in the last few years. With offerings around strategic consulting, digital engineering, data, analytics and AI, the company has successfully scaled its client base and solution offerings, to address the needs of a market that is being disrupted by technology, market and regulatory changes.

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