CBET & ACPHS partnership provides opportunities to students for successful careers in cell and gene therapy

CBET & ACPHS partnership provides opportunities to students for successful careers in cell and gene therapy

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Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS) is pleased to announce that its Stack Family Center for Biopharmaceutical Education and Training (CBET) is partnering with Univercells Technologies, a Belgian-based company, to provide on-site access and training on cutting bioreactor technologies, the scale-X™ hydro and scale-X carbo fixed-bed bioreactors. This partnership will provide expert process development and commercialization opportunities.

Univercells Technologies designs and develops novel biomanufacturing technologies that overcome existing manufacturing bottlenecks by enabling flexible and scalable viral production. The scale-X fixed-bed bioreactor portfolio includes R&D to commercial scale footprints. The NevoLine™ Upstream platform Technologies allows customers to achieve cost-effective vaccine and gene therapy production in a closed, flexible unit, a particularly attractive feature in our current environment.

CBET is a center of excellence for training and research solutions for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. This partnership with Univercells Technologies will extend its capabilities in the production of cell lines used in vaccine development and gene therapies. The unique technology of the systems allows for continuous, closed production, thereby reducing the costs, complexity and risks associated with manufacturing.

Univercells Technologies will provide the scale-X hydro and scale-X carbo fixed-bed bioreactor systems and lend its expertise to the team at CBET, as well as partner in the development of the related training material and course design. In turn, CBET will “train the trainer” on Univercells Technologies equipment in the United States and provide a beta site for clients wishing to pilot the technology.

“I’m excited that CBET can join Univercells Technologies to increase access to enabling equipment that helps to remove production barriers. This partnership leverages the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences’ deep knowledge of therapeutic action and pairs it with technology-driven development. The partnership further positions CBET to be at the leading edge of training the workforce needs to make and dispense these medicines,” said Dr. Michelle Lewis, executive director of CBET.

“Univercells Technologies chose CBET as our first U.S.-based training partner location because our missions are so well aligned. CBET is a purpose-built facility that will remain dedicated to expanding its footprint and range of training to help advance and standardize the approach to cell and gene therapy production. Together, we will provide both a training ground to students to prepare them for a successful career in industry, as well as make new technology platforms more available to current developers within gene therapy,” commented Mathias Garny, CEO of Univercells Technologies.

ACPHS will invest nearly $9 million to renovate laboratory space for new Quality Assurance/Quality Control and cell and gene therapy labs. The project will also install and support the operation of the highly specialized biopharmaceutical laboratory equipment for contract research and workforce training.

This initiative is part of CBET’s mission to leverage partnerships with industry, academia and government agencies to help advance the industry. The team is focused on identifying and deploying cutting-edge biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology to support current and future workforce demands, while promoting economic development, community outreach, and engagement for students and practicing professionals. CBET will continue to engage international partners like Univercells Technologies to support the regional economy and development of a biopharma hub within the Capital Region of New York state.

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