Biocon Academy supports mothers in rebuilding their careers

Biocon Academy supports mothers in rebuilding their careers

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Whether you are a mother who has been out of the workplace for one year or ten years, the thought of restarting your career can be daunting. The skills you might have learned might be outdated in the fast-evolving biotech industry, making it harder and being one of the biggest challenges for women who want to return to work after sabbaticals.

While most women want to return to work, skill mismatch and job readiness is an apparent question that haunts them, and many have been trusting Biocon Academy, a CSR initiative of Biocon and the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Learning in Applied Biosciences, to match themselves with the current skills that are in demand in the industry.

Over the last couple of years, Biocon Academy has been seeing a steady growth in the number of mothers who are showing interest in rebuilding their careers and applying to various certificate programs offered by the academy. The first batch of Biocon JSS AHER Certificate Program that was launched in August 2021 had three mothers out of the total of 19 students. In just last one year, Biocon Academy has had 7 students who are mothers, with more and more applications being received for the upcoming batches.

A recent report published by Genpact Centre for Women’s Leadership mentions that 50% of working women who are around 30 years of age in India leave their jobs to take care of their children. In today’s fast-moving industrial scenario, this break in a career often comes with its own challenges, and Biocon Academy along with addressing the current skill deficit that exists in the biotech industry in India also supports mothers in rebuilding their careers with the right industry-oriented skills.

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