Berry supports growing healthcare market with new facility, will create 500 local jobs

Berry supports growing healthcare market with new facility, will create 500 local jobs

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US-based Berry Global Group, Inc. will begin product production at its new manufacturing facility and healthcare centre of excellence in Bengaluru as early as April 2023.

Leveraging the company’s innovative research and development (R&D) solutions, this new Greenfield expansion project will improve regional and global access to advanced healthcare solutions; provide customers with necessary volume to support the forecasted growth for Asia’s domestic healthcare market; and boost India’s domestic economy by employing more than 500 new team members over the next eight years in Bengaluru, commonly referred to as India’s Silicon Valley.

The new plant will improve global patient access to products for the Inhalation, Nasal, Ophthalmic, Dispensing, and Self-injection industries. And the new Berry Global Healthcare R&D Centre of Excellence will support the development of innovative solutions for existing and new applications to improve medicine administration and functionality, while helping customers’ meet ambitious sustainability goals.

The R&D centre will be launching up to seven new products and projects in 2023 ranging from DPI Inhalers to plastics caps and closures. Included among these products will be Berry’s Pneumohaler, a lightweight, breath-actuated, multidose inhaler dose counter for the control and treatment of asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Several new medical packaging products will be available for sampling with industrial prototypes in March 2023.

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