Absstem Technologies invests 30 M in a new facility ,creates more than 300 jobs

Absstem Technologies invests 30 M in a new facility ,creates more than 300 jobs

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Absstem Technologies, a fast-growing manufacturer of medical and industrial gas generators in India, has launched a new business–Absstem Industrial Solutions Pvt. Limited– that will be purely dedicated to the industrial application of oxygen and nitrogen. The new segment plans to delve into other gasses shortly and is aimed at catering to the gas needs of industries. The company has invested Rs 30 million in the new business, which would create more than 300 jobs over the next three years.

The launch is another proof of the company’s commitment to broadening its portfolio and providing quality products and services to the businesses that need them. The new business will serve industries like automobile, wastewater treatment, air conditioning manufacturing, welding, brazing and metal cutting, glass industry, pharmaceuticals, refineries, and the packaged food industry, among many others. Initially, 20 devices will begin producing oxygen once a month. In total, 60 machines will be fully operational every month.

According to Absstem, “The subdivision was conceived to help unbundle our processes and diversify our expertise. Our focus on gas has not changed, but the difference is that Absstem Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is focused on the application for industrial requirements. Our product range includes the Industrial Oxygen Generators, which we call ‘IDOS’ and the Nitrogen Generators, known as ‘NGEN’. Largely, we will be serving as consultants or complete solution providers for setting up gas units.”

The new division will be headed by Amit Sahni as the Chief Executive Officer whose wide experience in the industry will boost the goals and reach, while current board members of Absstem Technologies will also serve on the board of Absstem Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is headquartered within the same space as Absstem Technologies in Manesar, Gurugram. “We shall strive to become the industry leader in selecting the right equipment and technology, irrespective of who the client is. We simply want to be seen as Solutions providers,” Amit Sahni said.

Absstem Technologies, renowned for rising to the challenge during the peak of the pandemic by ramping up production of medical oxygen to meet the nation’s rising need at the time, provided numerous oxygen generators in several locations across the country. Its PSA-based revolutionary solution, the Medical Oxygen Generator “MedO”, was a ground-breaking intervention in helping India meet its oxygen needs during the crisis of the second wave.

The new division adds another feather to the cap of Absstem Technologies which currently serves more than 130 government hospitals and countless other industries in the biotech, electronics, food and beverage, metallurgy, chemical purging, tire inflation, oil and gas, printing, automobile, ceramic, refinery, and packaging sectors, among others.

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