“Merck Life Science is expanding in India, and also hiring talents based on market and customer needs”

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Merck India in essence is a science and technology company operating across healthcare, life science, and electronics. From advancing gene-editing technologies and discovering unique ways to treat the most challenging diseases to enabling the intelligence of devices – the company is everywhere. Merck’s passion for science and technology is what drives its 58,000 employees in 66 countries to find solutions to some of today’s toughest challenges and create more sustainable ways to live. Merck India which is a part of Merck Group continues to make long-term investments in talent attraction, development and growth. Dhananjay Singh, Head of Science and Lab Solutions with over 25 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry, in conversation with BioSpectrum Jobs, throws more light on the job opportunities within the Life Sciences industry.

What is the current scenario of the Indian life sciences job market? How is Merck contributing to it?

The year that went by has been truly transformative on various fronts and life science has been at the center of this transformation. Recent scientific advancements have led to brilliant growth in the life science industry not restricted to in-depth research and studies. A host of opportunities have opened up from product management, sales, marketing, raw material procurement, supply planning, and data intelligence to innovation.
As a pioneer in the life science industry, Merck has reinvented itself time and time again, over hundreds of years, and always remained ahead of the curve. There is an array of opportunities that have been crafted to employ the people across the spectrum from data analytics, digital, e-commerce, manufacturing, supply chain to adapt to ever-changing scientific and economic situations. We have onboarded approximately 750 curious minds in India since the pandemic bringing diverse mindsets and inclusiveness to deliver a win-win situation.

What are the company’s plans in 2022 & beyond in terms of hiring new talent in India, and under what expertise?

Merck Life Science is expanding in India, and we are also hiring talents based on market and customer needs. COVID-19 has brought few changes in the way Life Science Market and customers operates like hybrid working, data analytics focus, consultative approach and e-commerce. Merck is also training internal talents and hiring talents with these areas of expertise.

How has the hiring process in the life sciences industry evolved owing to the pandemic? What
challenges still exist?

The pandemic has demonstrated how dynamic the market is and underlined the need to keep pace with it. It proved to be a historic change agent as virtually recruiting and onboarding a remote workforce became the new normal, the location no longer limits the talent pool – shifting talent attraction efforts to remote candidates.

Skilled life sciences candidates are thin on the ground at the moment. The skill sets required for the industry are not provided as a part of the traditional university curriculum. And that was the reason to bridge these gaps, actually Merck went ahead and established two Skill Development Labs (one in collaboration with CSIR-IMTech and other at Merck Jigani Site).

What are your major expectations from the government & academia to increase job opportunities in the life sciences industry?

For India to produce industry-ready talent, the gap between academic curriculum and industry requirements has to be closed which can be efficiently achieved by periodically revising university curriculums. The government, academia, and industry will need to collaborate to work toward taking the Indian life science industry to new heights.
Augmenting human resources with academic reforms -the government should incentivize the industry to take up projects with academia. Academic–industry partnerships to not only do research but also churn out the best and brightest. A cohesive environment with the implementation of new policies from education to financial services and regulatory systems supporting the establishment of self-sufficiency and ushering in a new era for growth in the industry will lead to increased job opportunities.

What are the new trends shaping up for job opportunities within the life sciences sector in India &

As technology is ever evolving, it stands to reason the jobs in the life science industry today will evolve as the pages of the calendar flip. With science and innovation growing at a much faster pace, a significant increase in jobs in the life science sector is expected in India and globally.
As the learning curve steepens, the harnessing of data is going to be critical to the success of any new- age life science company and the outsourcing of high-impact, niche jobs to India will pick up. Other jobs of the future will also be incorporated by the life science sector, particularly those positions dealing with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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